While spirits like our Ridgeline Whiskey ferment relatively quickly (three or four days) our Papilio needs a little more time in the fermenter before it’s ready to be double distilled. That means that, as we see our cases disappearing out the door, we need to plan ahead and cook up another batch ahead of time.

We make our Papilio Agave Spirit (known to some as “VTquila”) from agave nectar and Vermont maple syrup, combining two delicious sugars and fermenting the resulting mixture. It’s a sticky process getting everything in the mash tun to cook and pasteurize before adding the yeast and letting it do its magic, but it’s well worth the extra cleanup.

Papilio isn’t flavored or sweetened with maple syrup, as some people expect. Instead, by using it right alongside the agave nectar during our fermentation, we add that subtle, round maple finish that makes it so sip-able on its own and so unique to use in a cocktail. Here’s to another day of sticky Papilio production, and a new batch released in 3-4 weeks once it’s been fermented, distilled and bottled! Cheers!