Cocktail Videos!

We just released two new videos, featuring Chris in mixologist mode in our tasting room creating some killer cocktails: the Vanhattan and the Quill. So delicious.Check it out (along with our other videos) at

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Another Batch of “VTquila” In The Works

While spirits like our Ridgeline Whiskey ferment relatively quickly (three or four days) our Papilio needs a little more time in the fermenter before it’s ready to be double distilled. That means that, as we see our cases disappearing out the door, we need to plan ahead and cook up another batch ahead of time. [...]

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It’s Bottling Day!

We love bottling day! Why? Partly because it’s the ultimate fruition of all that hard work. Many early mornings of mashing the barley, corn and rye for our Ridgeline Whiskey, Mythic Gin and Fractal Vodka, many careful distillations and a lot of patience while our Whiskey ages or our gin botanicals macerate. After all of [...]

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Cocktail Videos

Our spirits are high proof, rich in flavor, and really play well with others in cocktails. In an effort to inspire and hopefully delight, we have started a series of cocktail videos that will be always be available on our website at We'll be adding a couple more every month, so check [...]

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Time to Blend the Whiskey

Our Ridgeline Whiskey is distilled from a careful blend of barley, corn and rye. In relatively equal proportions, this is part of what gives Ridgeline its unique character: a little bit Bourbon, a little bit Rye, a little bit Irish Whiskey. After being double distilled, Ridgeline is placed in one of three different types of [...]

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What’s It All About?

One year ago we were rolling out our newest spirit, Fractal Vodka. As we prepared for the release we planned a series of cocktail events and takeovers at Vermont bars and restaurants that we had worked with in the past. One of those restaurants was Hen of the Wood, in Burlington. As the event wrapped [...]

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AppGap on the Wine Enthusiast Podcast

Check out this podcast, including an interview with our founder and Chief Palate Officer, Lars Hubbard, and Jeff Weaber, President of Aqua ViTea Kombucha, about Aqua Vodka. The interview starts at about the 11:25 mark. We discuss the origins of the spirit, and spend a little time talking about the challenges and benefits of being [...]

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Tastings at our Vermont Liquor Stores

The Bevie! Friday February 23, 2018 4-6 PM We'll be giving free samples of our Spirits at Beverage Warehouse in Winooski. Middlebury Friday, February 23, 2018 5-7pm We'll be doing at free tasting in the Hannaford in Middlebury. (The liquor store in inside around the corner [...]

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A new website!

A new website! Chuck Burkins here, founder, regulatory manager, and chemist with Appalachian Gap. This thing here is a new website! You know how much we love making websites? We don't! We like making delicious, delicious spirits. Spirits that delight your senses. Spirits that make you think, Wow, why hasn't some one done that [...]

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