We love bottling day! Why? Partly because it’s the ultimate fruition of all that hard work. Many early mornings of mashing the barley, corn and rye for our Ridgeline Whiskey, Mythic Gin and Fractal Vodka, many careful distillations and a lot of patience while our Whiskey ages or our gin botanicals macerate. After all of that work, once our spirits have been carefully proofed to the right strength, it’s time to taste test. Once everyone has signed off on the final product we begin bottling. This is the part of the process where we get to handle every bottle that finds its way out the door. It might sound goofy but it’s an intimate part of the process (and who doesn’t love taste testing?).

You hear a lot about things being “hand bottled” and that might seem like a buzz-word. For us, the term is quite literal. Every bottle that comes out of our distillery has been labeled by hand. Our hands. And our small bottling rig fits and fills four bottles at a time, but every one of those bottles is placed, corked and sealed by us. It’s just one more part of the process that we can be involved in.