One of the benefits to a distillery founded by a former chef and a former chemist is the extensive understanding of two incredibly important aspects of distillation: the science and the flavor. This is, perhaps, most fully realized when we get to blend the botanicals for our gin and begin our maceration. Yes, that’s right, “get to”. It’s that awesome of a task.  

Our spent botanicals after maceration

Mythic Gin is a “new world” style of gin which departs from a traditional “london dry” style. Mythic is on the floral, herbal end of the gin spectrum and, above all, we shoot for balance. A blend where no one botanical steals the show. Instead, we want every one of our eleven botanicals to work collectively with the others. That’s where Mythic’s unique flavor profile comes from.

As a base spirit, we start with something kind of like an unaged version of our Ridgeline Whiskey. Rather than beginning with a neutral grain spirit or “NGS”, we use something that already has some flavor and character as a foundation, and then build off of that with our botanicals. Juniper (of course), balsam fir, chamomile, coriander, cardamom, szechuan black peppercorn, lemon peel, rose hips, sheep sorrel and cassia make up our unique botanical blend. All of these are carefully portioned out and added to our base, where they’ll sit for one week before our final distillation.

After portioning everything out it’s pretty incredible. Imagine a 5-gallon container filled with the pure scent of your favorite gin. It’s like being hit in the face with a beloved flavor profile. Then, after that week of macerating, the gin goes into our little copper gin still and we distill it once more. Then bottles, and then…martinis? G&Ts? Something more exotic? You decide.