Our Ridgeline Whiskey is distilled from a careful blend of barley, corn and rye. In relatively equal proportions, this is part of what gives Ridgeline its unique character: a little bit Bourbon, a little bit Rye, a little bit Irish Whiskey.

After being double distilled, Ridgeline is placed in one of three different types of barrels: Used Bourbon, Used Port Wine or New American Oak, where it will stay for the entirety of our custom four barrel aging process. Then, after enough time has passed we select one of each barrel and blend the three back together and do one more finishing rest in another used Port barrel. This is another part of our process that lends so much uniqueness to Ridgeline Whiskey.

It’s hard to think of a time that we enjoy our work more than when all four of us are exploring the warehouse, pulling samples from our oldest barrels and testing various blends and proportions until we’re happy with the result. We love having that final ability to tweak what we ultimately bottle. By blending whiskey from these three barrels we can be sure that we’re absolutely happy with the final product, and we can tweak the port wine notes if we find them lacking, or bump up the bourbon characteristics if we so choose.

Each batch of Ridgeline Whiskey (numbered on the side of every bottle) is bound to be slightly different from the one before, but every batch is just as carefully distilled, aged, selected and blended to bring you to the most complex, unique and smooth whiskey possible. It’s easy to take that much care when you love what you do.