One year ago we were rolling out our newest spirit, Fractal Vodka. As we prepared for the release we planned a series of cocktail events and takeovers at Vermont bars and restaurants that we had worked with in the past. One of those restaurants was Hen of the Wood, in Burlington. As the event wrapped up and we thanked the bar manager, Chris, for putting on the event, he simply told us, “that’s what it’s all about”.

We think about that often. “That’s what it’s all about”.

App Gap Distillery is run entirely by its two owners, two full-time employees and occasional part-time help. That includes all of our mashing, distilling, bottling, shipping, sales, marketing, events…you get the idea. And we prefer to do it this way because we prefer to be involved in every part of the process.

Then, when any one of us is out to dinner or out for a drink and we see a bottle of our Mythic Gin on the shelf, or our Ridgeline Whiskey on a cocktail menu, we know that we’ve all been personally involved. We’ve all handled that whiskey at one point or another, and now we see that same whiskey sitting on the shelf. That is what it’s all about. The process, start to finish. Beginning with a sack of grain and ending on a bar stool, looking at a bottle and knowing all that it took for it to get there. Then, in the hands of a talented bartender, whether it be a whiskey on the rocks or a new cocktail we’ve never tried before, we’re able to taste the final result of that work: a delicious drink at the end of another day, making what we love. That’s what it’s all about.