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Missed our bourbon release party? Come grab a bottle of Barred Owl, Vermont’s first Bottled in Bond bourbon!

Sustainably Made Spirits

Our four main products in their new sustainable packaging

The discerning, curious drinker today faces a disturbing reality: the spirits they can buy are disappointingly ordinary. Even when they’re not just bottled straight out of a shipping container, they all tend to taste alike. At Appalachian Gap Distillery, we painstakingly craft unique libations that capture the spirit of Vermont through local ingredients and flavors, designed to delight the adventurous.

And as America’s first climate-neutral certified distillery, we are proud to handcraft delicious, local spirits that will delight the senses and are gentle on the earth.

Our distinctive spirits are balanced, rich in flavor, and embody the spirit of intrepid exploration in every glass.

Enjoy Small Batch from Scratch


Our founders were chefs and chemists before embarking on making spirits. Art and science combine to discover delicious flavors and make the highest quality spirits that shine on their own or in a cocktail.


We are not afraid to go against the grain to create flavorful spirits that are distinctive and delicious. We delight in challenging conventions to bring drinkers exceptional and adventuresome spirits full of flavor.


We believe that great spirits are built from the ground up. We’re proud that every spirit we make is crafted from scratch from local ingredients and barrel aged at our distillery right here in the heart of Vermont.


From the beginning, we were driven by the ethos: Do the Right Thing. From making all our electricity with solar to becoming the country’s first Climate Neutral distillery, doing the right thing is just part of our DNA.