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May 30 2022 - SevenFifty Daily

Appalachian Gap Distillery is prominently featured in an article about climate-friendly spirits production.

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January 2022 - The Good Food Awards

Drumlin Champlain Valley Straight Rye Whiskey received a 2022 Good Food Award. 

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Fall 2021 - Edible Vermont Magazine

We were featured in Edible Vermont Magazine

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October 2021 - Wine & Spirits Magazine

We were interviewed about our sustainability efforts for an article in Wine&Spirits magazine

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October 2021 - Treehugger

We were featured as one of “The 9 Best Gifts from Carbon Neutral Companies of 2021” on

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October 2021 - Death of Classical

We have sponsored Death of Classical events in Brooklyn for a couple of years now. The article is about our most recent event to honor COVID victims.

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April 2021 - Craft Spirits Magazine

Craft Spirits magazine had an article about our climate neutral certification

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March 2021 - Vermont Business Magazine

We were featured in an article in Vermont Business Magazine about our use of renewable natural gas

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January 2021 - Craft Spirits TV

Craft Spirits TV featured us in a video about our efforts to achieve climate neutral certification

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January 2021 - Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press had an article about our plans to achieve climate neutral certification (and we did it sooner than planned)

November 2020

Our social media ad.

Made Right Here

As America’s first climate-neutral certified distillery, we are proud to handcraft delicious, unique spirits that will delight the senses and are gentle on the earth.

These are not products bought in bulk and bottled straight out of a shipping container from many miles away. These are spirits that we carefully — painstakingly — craft ourselves from local ingredients to meet our own exacting standards.

Our spirits are balanced, rich in flavor, utterly unique, and MADE RIGHT HERE.