We are pretty serious about sustainability.

We are doing our best to limit our ecological footprint in what is, by any measure, an energy-intensive and wasteful process. Some high points:

  • All of the electricity used in our building is provided by our solar array: in fact, we make more than we use, so excess credits have been given to employees in order to use them up.

  • We have super-insulated all of the heated areas of the distillery to R-36 in the walls and R-90 in the roof.

  • We installed all double pane windows with low-e coating.

  • We use separated-combustion space heaters where necessary so we only pull in outside air for the heaters — this is both more healthy, and a whole lot safer.

  • We use minimum 80% efficiency gas units for steam production for the stills. We are going to be connected to the new natural gas pipeline, at which point we will only use renewable natural gas created from the methane produced by the organic material in farms and landfills.

  • All of our liquid stillage and waste grains are given to local farms for feed.

  • All of our cleaning and process water is captured, tested, and pH checked to be sure we are not introducing BOD (biochemical oxygen demand, a pollutant) into the waste stream.

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