Project Description

August Whiskey — Bourbon Infused with Coffee


Our Kaffekask coffee whiskey is something special. It occurred to us, nearly five years ago, that we could make it even more special if we aged it in new American oak.


Production: We start with a mash of 40% barley and 60% corn. Double distilled — the second time through fresh ground coffee  — it was aged in #4 char new American oak barrels.

Nose: Swee bourbon overlaid with roast coffee, with notes of vanilla.

Palate: Starts like a bourbon, with a dark roast coffee roundness mid-palate, and finishes like a scotch, with roasted coffee and vanilla notes. And, of course, a kick of caffeine. There is a sweetness and hint of char, with echos of dark berries and baking spices. The finish is warm, with sweet nutty notes followed by a long, clean burn.

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

Want to try a taste?

Come on down to Middlebury, Vermont to have a free tasting, talk to the distillers, and buy a bottle or two!

Or, if you aren’t local, click the button below to see where we are available in Vermont and across the country.

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey
Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

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