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Some you win, some you lose, some get rained out.

Kaffekask was one of our first spirits, inspired by a Swedish folk tradition*. It is a white whiskey from a bourbon mash which we distill through fresh ground coffee, so the spirit picks up all the aromatics of the coffee.

The founders love it. It’s got a corn whiskey sweetness with an earthy dark roast coffee note: it tastes like coffee smells. It’s delicious cold out of the freezer or in an espresso martini. It makes an amazing alternative Negroni.

It sold like a truckload of rotting salmon.

It has it’s fans, people who will drive across multiple states to drink it. Will you be one of them?

*Kaffekask is a Swedish folk tradition that goes something like this: Place a coin in the bottom of a coffee cup. Fill the cup with enough coffee to make the coin disappear. Add spirits until the coin appears. Drink. Repeat as necessary. (I should mention, at this point, that Swedish winters are very, very long.)

Want to try a taste?

Come on down to Middlebury, Vermont to have a free tasting, talk to the distillers, and buy a bottle or two!

Or, if you aren’t local, click the button below to see where we are available in Vermont and across the country.

 Available only at the Tasting Room. (Where the founders are sure of their supply.)

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey
Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

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