Project Description

Espresso Liqueur


Production: Our Espresso Liqueur is made by blending our Kaffekask coffee whiskey with espresso-strength cold brewed coffee and Belgian candi sugar to create a slightly sweet, full-bodied liqueur. It is wonderful alone, on the rocks, in a favorite cocktail… or over ice cream.

Nose: Coffee, coffee, and coffee. With a hint of coffee.

Palate: Espresso, hints of caramel and bittersweet chocolate. The heat of the alcohol expands the coffee flavor, with a full-mouth roastiness and lingering gentle sweetness in the finish.


Want to try a taste?

Come on down to Middlebury, Vermont to have a free tasting, talk to the distillers, and buy a bottle or two!

Or, if you aren’t local, click the button below to see where we are available in Vermont and across the country.

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

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