Project Description

Mosquito Fleet Rum


Rum is one of the few spirits that have been made in New England for centuries. We wanted to create an aged rum with distinct tropical notes; we also wanted to celebrate Vermont’s limited nautical history by honoring the fleet of six row galleys, built in Vergennes, Vermont, that was essential to the American victory in the Battle of Lake Champlain during the War of 1812.


Production: Made from 100% molasses, distilled twice and then aged in oak.

Nose: Tropical fruit, with notes of vanilla.

Palate: Complex notes of toffee, honey, vanilla, with a gentle woody note.

Label art inspired by artwork of George E. Lawrence, 1930.

Mosquito Fleet Rum

Want to try a taste?

Come on down to Middlebury, Vermont to have a free tasting, talk to the distillers, and buy a bottle or two!

Or, if you aren’t local, click the button below to see where we are available in Vermont and across the country.

Mosquito Fleet Rum
Mosquito Fleet Rum
Mosquito Fleet Rum

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