Project Description

Mythic Gin


We wanted a botanical gin that expressed the bounty of Vermont, enhanced with flavors that are rarely, if ever, used in gin.


Production: Our base spirit is the same as is used for all of our grain-based spirits — 45% barley, 30% corn, 25% rye — distilled to a much higher proof to create a neutral¬†base. Balsam fir needles, and even Szechuan peppercorns (along with six other botanicals), are macerated with the traditional juniper berries, then redistilled with out small copper pot still to create an intensely flavored herbal experience with a beautiful nose and round mouthfeel.

Nose: An herb garden in full bloom, with notes of pine, cinnamon, citrus, and herbal tea.

Palate: Silky smooth, expressing treble notes of lighter floral flavors with the evergreen notes of juniper and balsam forming the bass. The Szechuan peppercorn and rosehips add unique citrus tones, while the base spirit shines through with fruity esters and a lingering sweetness.

Mythic Gin

Want to try a taste?

Come on down to Middlebury, Vermont to have a free tasting, talk to the distillers, and buy a bottle or two!

Or, if you aren’t local, click the button below to see where we are available in Vermont and across the country.

Mythic Gin
Mythic Gin

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